Offerings For Business By Category

Skill Development:

Wasan Knowledge Hub is a leading skill development organisation that organises various training programs and workshops. We offer comprehensive programs that help change an individual’s personality, attitude and behavior for the better thereby leading to better productivity.

Through these programs various skills are taught that are crucial for both an individual’s personal growth & employer’s business growth. By developing these skills participants begin to excel in their work and are able to build strong interpersonal relations with those around them and their teams.

We help our participants develop a number of skills such as:

Behavioral skills:

Wasan Knowledge Hub runs several behavioral training programs that help individuals to confidently interact with the people around them. We keep our client’s business objectives in mind while designing our training solutions and ensure that we deliver solutions that have a direct impact on the client’s vital business performance indicators.

Emotional Intelligence

The ability to identify and manage one’s and other’s emotions effectively and driving them towards the betterment of the organisation is termed as emotional intelligence.

It is defined as a set of competencies that not only help to recognise flaring emotions, but also demonstrates the ability to manage behaviours, moods, and impulses according to the situation in the most smart and effective manner. An employee with high emotional intelligence is capable of managing his or her own impulses, while communicating effectively, and resolving problems that will help build a positive rapport and reduce tension at work. These employees are often seen as empathetic, optimistic and calm in most situations.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are defined as a way of positive interaction and communication with other people -- individually or in groups. One’s communication, teamwork, listening and problem solving abilities define these skills.

In today’s competitive environment, it is important to have excellent inter-personal or social skills. For this, one needs to be calm, composed, confident and charismatic in their approach and attitude.

Our behavioural skills programmes help:

Maximize the productivity of the participants at the work pla

Improve their marketing and selling skills

Develop leadership skills and effective people management

Client/customer support management

Creative problem solving

Motivational training

Creative thinking

Interpersonal skills

Management development:

Wasan Knowledge Hub offers training programs for business managers that help them remain motivated and lead their teams effectively. The management of an organisation plays an important role in maximizing the efficiency of the team and achieving the goals set by the company. It is therefore vital that we not only have the right management team but also provide them with the necessary inputs that are required to make a success of the business. They should not only be able to lead by example but should also be able to positively influence the behavior of those around them.

Wasan Knowledge Hub has programs that help individuals inspire and motivate their teams to reach their goals.

Our customised training programs cover topics such as:

Leadership for senior managers

Managing a team First-time managers

Managing a team Middle managers

Avoiding internal conflicts

Time management

Exploring leadership

Strategic thinking

Key account management

Project management

Financial management

Customer centricity