Offerings For Individuals Peak of Perfection

Image Management & First Impressions

Importance of IMage

First Impression

Personal Brand and Appearance

Overview of Image Management

Dress for Success

Circle of success

Presenting a harmonious professional image

Dressing as per roles, goals, and occassions

Clarity on casuals, smart casuals, business formals, power dressing

Art of accessorising

Body directions

Understanding Body directions (Shape)

how body directions impact clothing choices

personalised analysis of body direction

recommendations for dressing as per body shape

Body proportions & solutions for figure variations

Understanding body proportions & figure variations

personalised analysis of figure variations

evolving clothing solutions to suit the figure variations

Face directions

personalised analysis of face directions

recommending attractive hairstyles


Color directions

Understanding the impact of color in clothing & accessories

analysing personal color directions

working with colors

recommendations for harmonious colors and cosmetics

Beautiful Visage

Understanding facial features

understanding & application of various techniques of make-up

choosing appropriate cosmetics

demo of professional & glamour looks

photoshoot if opted

Styling & contemporary looks

Analysing life style activities



choosing & coordinating clothes to suit contemporary lifestyle

Wardrobe planning

Planning a perfect wardrobe

wardrobe weeding (discarding unused, unwanted unworn clothes)

wardrobe basics

versatile capsules

selective shopping

Art of Accessorising

Understanding face directions

body proportions

essential accessories

choosing accessories as per roles

goals and occasions