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The modules offered by the academy cater to the overall development of individuals from all age groups, backgrounds and are formulated to help them achieve their social and professional ambitions. True to this offering, the academy will be the first of its kind in India to offer effective etiquette and grooming lessons to children of four years and above, followed by modules for young adults; young professionals; corporate clients of all levels and individuals. Comprehensive courses designed specifically for ladies are also available, covering all aspects of etiquette, social skills, style, colour and fashion.

manner of speaking children etiquette personal spaces

Little Princes and Princesses
Age (4 - 6 years)

good table manners body talk

Little Ladies and Gentlemen
Age (7 - 10 years)

good table manners body talk

Step Ahead
Age (11 - 14 years)

social graces manner of speaking dining with style

Raise your game
Age (15 - 18 years)

English Manner and Finishing Style Academy
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